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  • forgive and experience


Do you want abundant life? Forgive yourself and everyone else, understand who you are, and receive the peace of God.

photo credit: Christi Nielsen via photopin


"Be like a tree that cares for its own growth, never interfering with another tree." Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the five senses. These perceptions, better called judgements, are the actual root causes for every conflict we think we have. True perception, which only comes from Spirit, is knowledge, because it comes directly from God. To know Him is to know.


The decision to love is similar to kayaking. We choose the direction we want to go. Every good decision we make leads us to more love. And every bad decision is our call for love. Life will give us whatever we desire. The way to stay on course, is to be willing and ask God for directions.


Forgiveness is learned through relationships. It is actually our life purpose here on earth. Once we know how to forgive ourself, constant opportunities arise to forgive others. This is very powerful, it actually opens the heart to giving and receiving grace. When we sincerely forgive everyone and everything, miracles happen. Remember this one important fact, we cannot be forgiven a little, we are either forgiven or not.

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